Mount Holyoke Collegeについて2018-05-29

6月の出張は、この9月で11年生になる生徒とお母さんと一緒に大学を訪問します。その中の一校がMount Holyoke Collegeです。この女子大学はセブンシスターズ(Barnard College、Bryn Mawr College、Mount Holyoke College、Radcliffe College、Smith College、Vassar College、Wellesley College)と呼ばれているアメリカ、東海岸地方の著名な女子大学7校のうちの一つです。



Here’s the deal. At Mount Holyoke, students bring their passions — for research, for policy, for communities, for the environment, for the arts, for entrepreneurship — and lay them all on the table. Face up, without hesitation. “This is who I am, and this is what I want to do.”



They join a community that empowers them to see themselves as capable, hireable and electable. As formidable and unbreakable. As part of something bigger. In being challenged and pushed by faculty and peers, their passions and skills grow in nuance, scope and intensity.

They graduate as experienced innovators, collaborators and leaders — with a network of connections at their fingertips. See how leadership comes to life at Mount Holyoke.

Mount Holyoke Collegeは創立1837年のアメリカの名門女子大学です。その生徒数は2255名。典型的なアメリカのリベラルアーツ系大学と言えます。その学校の生徒募集のフレーズには、伝統や歴史という言葉が強調されることはありません。彼らが強調したいのは、いかに世の中の役に立つ人材を彼らが育成しているかということです。下記、そこで学ぶ学生からのコメントです。


Sajia Darwish ’18, founder of a library in her hometown of Kabul, Afghanistan
“Mount Holyoke has taught me to resist against whatever pushes me down — including those with a narrow view of what women can and can’t do.”

Onji Bae ’18, co-founder of Mount Holyoke College Girls in Tech, a conference that inspires high school students to explore technology
“I think there will be a national curriculum for computer science and I want to be involved in it. And maybe found my own company.”

Regina Ye ’18, founder of the Zirui Go Case, an innovative travel cosmetics case that reached its Kickstarter funding goal
“I pursued an independent study with a faculty mentor, where I worked further on developing the product while also earning academic credit for my work. I spent a lot of late nights in the College’s Makerspace, finishing CAD models and using 3-D printers to create the prototypes.”