Parents' Weekend in TASIS Switzerland2016-10-22

It is always nice to assist parents visiting their chidren's school.

My visit to TASIS in Lugano Switzerand this time is not an exception. The father who visited his son's school first time was really impressed by the school, its location, school faculties, and facilities. He enthusiastically told me that I should think more about how I can introduce this wonderful school to prospective Japanese families who are interested in their sons and daughters to study abroad.

I promised him to do my best to introduce TASIS in Japan.

Luckly enough, the first person we met at TASIS today was Mr. Bill Eichner who has been in TASIS for 32 years. Bill, who is the director of admission at TASIS welcomed us very much and kindly spent about an hour guiding the school for us. He brought us to the student's dormitory and parents were happy to meet their son in his dormitory. This visit was done without the student's knowledge but the parents were happy to see their son's real room and to greet their son's roommates at the spot.

We visited several of the classes and parents were again impressed by the small classes with lots of communications between teachers and students. "I would have wanted to attend this school", the father said to me. Actually, I have heard this words almost every time I brought the parents to their sons' and daughters' boarding schools.

The student joined us at the hotel after his classes in the afternoon. Parents will have dinner with their son tonight. I believe the dinner tonight will be one of the most memobable one for the family.
(to be continued)